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Escape room


Each player has their own
dedicated 10x10 feet room

COVID-19 Safe

Best Multiplayer Virtual Reality
Experience in Los Angeles

Up to 6 Players per game


At VR HOUR, we take everyone’s safety very seriously. We follow very strict COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures (recommended by the CDC and local health department). Please read all information below before proceeding with your booking.

Social distancing is a default state at VR HOUR as we are a room-scale VR facility which means every player has their own dedicated VR cabin (10×10 feet room with physical barriers). We allow a maximum of 6 players per hour.

Our employees wear masks at all times and get their temperature checked daily.

All gear and equipment are sanitized between the sessions. We implemented a two-stage sanitization process: we first wipe everything down with sanitizing wipes; we then spray everything with a 80% alcohol sanitizer and leave it to dry.

In addition to enforcing social distancing and double sanitizing the equipment, we offer complimentary VR masks, gloves and medical head covers for your safety and convenience.

Please respect and adhere to the VR HOUR rules and guidelines and listen closely to our staff. We are doing our part to provide a fun and safe experience to our patrons and we ask you to join us as we work together to keep each other safe.

Please click the button below to see our COVID-19 protocols poster:






VR HOUR is the first and only fully immersive room-scale multiplayer virtual reality escape room in Los Angeles, offering 1-hour experiences for groups of up to 7 players.

Envision immersing yourself into a completely different world where you are not only an observer but an active participant. Take a leap into new realities, terrains, creatures, and wonders.

We offer 15 VR Escape Rooms and 3 Multiplayer VR Shooters. Our VR Escape Rooms are collaborative puzzle-solving adventures played by teams in which players work together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is absolutely required to progress, yet each player has a chance to be a leader. Players see each other as avatars in the virtual worlds and communicate via built-in microphones and headphones.

Players per session: 1-7 depending on the experience. If you book more players than the actual VR experiences allow, your group will be split into two teams.

Walk in the shoes of adventurers, jungle explorers, special forces, archers, zombies, and heroes saving the World. Meet your friends and family in virtual worlds to solve puzzles and experience an extremely fun, engaging, and rewarding journey together!


Anyone 8+


Team Building

Rent our VR Space


Date Night


Multiple Languages


Yes, we recommend you wear your glasses or contact lenses. This experience is not recommended for people with epilepsy.

VR HOUR adventure is suitable for anyone 8+ years old or older with full mobility. Persons with visual and hearing impairments, heart problems, pregnant women, and people with vertigo or motion sickness should proceed with caution.

A maximum of 7 players can play together one game per hour. For larger groups, we offer private event packages. Please visit our TEAM BUILDING EVENTS and KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES pages for more information. For groups events inquiries, please e-mail to or call us at (424) 334-4003.

All bookings are made online. If you have a large group of people and are interested in hosting a private event, please e-mail to or call us at (424) 334-4003.

We welcome groups of up to 30 people for kids and adult birthday parties and team building/client events. Please visit our TEAM BUILDING EVENTS and KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES pages for more information. For group events inquiries, please e-mail or call us at (424) 334-4003.

Each experience is available in different languages. Please refer to each experience’s page for more information.

Yes, we manually sanitize all equipment after each and every use. In addition to that, we provide disposable hygiene masks for the goggles.
During COVID-19 outbreak we follow CDC cleanliness guidelines and implemented very strict protocols. Please refer to this page to learn more about our safety procedures during COVID-19:
Try to wear comfortable clothes and especially comfortable shoes. You will have to move around, pick up objects from the floor and even jump – you want to be comfortable and stable (Unless you are a superhero trained to fight aliens and attempt to save the world in stilettos, we recommend bringing a pair of sneakers with you).
It’s best to consult your doctor before using the product if you have any concerns or serious pre-existing medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, conditions that prevent you from safely performing physical activities, or are pregnant or elderly. Do not wear VR headset if you are intoxicated. It’s not recommended to use VR headsets for persons with vertigo.



2901 Ocean Park Blvd, STE 103, Santa Monica, CA 90405

+1 (424) 334-4003


    Phone number:
    +1 (424) 334-4003

    General questions and inquiries:

    Private parties, team building and corporate events:


    Monday - 2PM-9PM
    Tuesday - 2PM-9PM
    Wednesday - 2PM-9PM
    Thursday - 2PM-9PM
    Friday - 2PM-11PM
    Saturday - 11AM-11PM
    Sunday - 11AM-8PM


    $45/per player – 1 hour experience, 1-7 players per booking

    For private events and team-building pricing please e-mail us to

    All participants must fill out a liability waiver upon arrival. All participants of ages 17 and younger must have their waivers filled out by their parents or guardians.


    2901 Ocean Park Blvd, STE 103, Santa Monica, CA 90405

    Parking: Free 2 hour guest parking (outdoor parking lot behind the plaza or underground parking garage below the plaza).

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